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(Art Direction, Design, HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript)

This landing page was designed to capture information from leads. Extend Health wanted the Top 5 Reasons to be the focal point. The landing page also had to be customizable for 12 different sales people, so that each of there focused email blast would lead to there specific page.

(Art Direction, Design, HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript)

Honey Advertising has been involved with social networking for quite some time, but they never had a simplified way of helping clients get a better understanding of the Social Media Landscape. Together we created this amazing guide. Currently there site is undergoing a refresh, so I made this landing page so they can launch the guide while the site is being worked on.

(Art Direction, Design, jQuery)

Creativo is an up and coming surface design company. They have a staff of some of the most talented artist in the industry. Creativo asked if I can deliver a website that is bold, fresh, and beautiful, which is what there all about. They were very pleased with the blend of there culture and vision brought to the digital realm.

(Art Direction, Design, HTML/CSS, PHP, jQuery)

Mid Island Driving School is Long Islands premiere driving school. They offer everything from Defensive driving to Private lessons. MIDS asked if I could build a site that is easy to use and integrated tools they currently used such as Google Calendar.

(Art Direction, Design, Identity)

Good Impressions wanted to show that they are the New York City areas number one cleaning service. They wanted a site that was simple and intuitive. My goal was to have all the services they offered right there so people didnt have to click through tons of pages to find them.

(Art Direction, Design, HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript)

Gail Goode is currently running for New York Senate, prior to her officially launching her bid she needed a basic brochure site and page for donations. It was a great challenge, but it was done and we raised a bunch of money.

EH - The Exchange Newsletter

(Art Direction, Design, HTML/CSS, Identity)

Extend Health decided they wanted to do a quarterly newsletter. They wanted it to be accessible online and offline. When designing the newsletter I needed to keep in mind that EH has a older audience and that the articles need to be clear and legible.

(Art Direction, Design, jQuery,PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS)

IVNY wanted a site that was simple to use, yet provided patients and physicians with the info they needed with out being overly bearing. The greatest part of this site is the forms, After filling out a form you can print it, submit it, or if your old-school you can download it and mail it. Again, the focus was making it easier then ever to get the treatment you desire.

Ryan Barresi

(Art Direction, Design, HTML/CSS/JQuery, Designologist)

I am a creative, enthusiastic and professional designer with an excellent grasp of the latest
creative tools and proven problem-solving skills.I am an achievement driven, responsible individual who is committed whole-heartedly to my family and work.